Fast access to UoW databases via EZproxy

University of Wollongong uses a software called EZproxy that enables UoW students or staffs to access the academic databases when off campus.

However, it is not convenient to click a lot of links before you get to the database page. Most of time, you will find the paper in the database first via Google or other search engine. Then you goes to the UoW library and find the related papers.

Sometimes, I hate the summon system in the library and prefer going to the database website directly.

So… I wrote a javascript bookmarklet.


  1. Drag the link EZproxy to the bookmark bar
  2. Go to the database website (e.g. SpringLink)
  3. Click the bookmark
  4. Enter your student/staff username and password (ask only once)
  5. Done


Not good to crack on not pure MS-DOS

When I was trying to hack a program from my lecturer, I found a strange thing.

That is the memory block which should be “901C” turns into “3F”.

I am not sure why this happens, but I did some test on it. Hope it is helpful to you.

When you pass “901C” to an program by command line input of MS-DOS in Windows XP Chinese version, “901C” will automatically translated into “3F” which is a question mark.

However, this will not happened in the MS-DOS in Windows XP English version (original version).

I’ve tried other binary words. Finally, I found that if character A is greater than “7F”, it will be considered as a character using GB code. If this pair of characters is not a valid GB coded character, it will turns into a question mark which is “3F”.

Hello world! 世界,你好!

First, congratulations to myself! This site is successfully established!

Next, WELCOME to my new site…. Blog site I think…

World…I am coming…






P.S. 这个博客重点将是偏技术类的文章…其他偏生活类的,还会在我的QQ空间内发布。