Basic protocol is designed

The basic protocol for the communication of back-end and front-end is designed.

The protocol is plaintext based, and it will be in binary form in later versions.

Here is the Introduction part of the protocol documentation:


This page contains protocol definition that talks to the front-end of News Feeder.
For this version of protocol, the protocol is plaintext which is more readable for human beings but less efficient and security. In the next version of this protocol will based on binary which is more efficient but less human readable.
In later versions, the protocol will be encapsulated by a security layer.

The protocol details may be changed during development because we are adding news features and implementation issues.


The back-end listens to both unix socket and tcp socket as defined by the config file. The user could turn off unix socket listening or tcp socket listening by modifying the config file.
Basically, for a server that installed both front-end and back-end, unix socket is suggested and turn of the tcp socket in order to prevent external attacks. On the hand, if front-end and back-end are installed in different servers, tcp socket is suggested and turn of the unix socket.

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