SMS? Makes a disk hard…

… to be capable with apple portables.

Remember I have purchased a hard disk last year? (Link in Chinese)

Now this hard is broken since my mac fallen to the ground… After several days, I find out that may be the broken hard disk has problem with the Sudden Motion Sensor. Because it seems that the broken hard disk cannot resume after the disk drive head disengaged.

Here are 2 ways to solve it:
1. Replace a hard drive without the same functionality of SMS.
2. Disable the SMS

It is not safe to turn off the SMS for a hard drive without the same functionality of SMS. Hence, I will buy a new hard disk.

For those who use SSD or a hard disk has the same functionality as SMS, you can disable the SMS by
sudo pmset -a sms 0
or you just want to check by
sudo pmset -g
If you want to enable is just type in terminal
sudo pmset -a sms 1

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